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James – A pastoral letter to an angry, suffering church

Churches suffer trials (calamities, issues and persecution) from within and without. James gives practical pastoral wisdom and the royal law to an angry, suffering church.  God wants his people to consider it pure joy as they suffer trials of many kinds, because He is working in and through the trials to make the church mature and complete.

Consider trials pure joy (James 1:1-18) April 30th 2017


The perfect law which brings freedom (James 1:19-27) May 7th 2017


Overcoming favouritism by the royal law (James 2:1-13) 14th May 2017


Do I need to do anything to be saved? (James 2v14-26) 21st May 2017


The taming of the tongue (James 3v1-12) 28th May 2017


Two kinds of wisdom (James 3v13-18) 11th June 2017


Triple root remedy and responsibility for fights in church (James 4v1-12) 18th June 2017


One Life One Warning One Chance (James 4:13-5:6) 25th June 2017




Joshua – out of the wilderness into the land
How the living God fulfills his covenant promises in Joshua’s lifetime and in Joshua’s generation.

The God of promise and preparation (Joshua 1:1-18) January 8th 2017


The God of surprises and mighty power (Joshua 2:1-24) January 15th 2017


God of action whose people wait, walk and watch (Joshua chapters 3 and 4) 22nd January 2017


God of renewed covenant relationship (Joshua 5:1-12) 29th January 2017


Sorry, Joshua 6 is missing, recording failed.


God of justice and purity and our need for a Saviour – (Joshua 7) 12th February 2017


God of judgement and renewal, discipline and encouragement – (Joshua 8) 19th February 2017