Lessons from Joseph’s life and times

A family torn apart by favouritism, jealousy, murderous intent, lying and deep grief.  A teenage lad isolated and powerless in a foreign land where a godless Pharaoh rules with an iron fist.  The young lad suffers injustice, cruelty and more lies.  Famines strike, of all kinds; physical, spiritual and moral.

Where is the God who promised a faithful family with as many children as there are stars in the sky, who would bless the nations? 

We take a look at the lives of Joseph, Judah, Jacob, Tamar and Pharaoh to see how God works through and in us all for good. If you want to make the most of this series, read Genesis 37 to 50 first, to get into the lives of the main characters.

This series was preached in September and October 2019.

Joseph: honest, favourite son, hated, sold, innocent suffer, family saviour
Judah: jealous, murderous, greedy, liar, hard hearted, wicked and redeemed
Tamar: neglected, sexually abused, isolated, helpless, victim, courageous, free
Jacob: deceived, grieved, fearful, trapped, hopeful, fulfilled.
Pharaoh: the world’s most powerful ruler serving God’s purposes without knowing it.
God: As evil works harm, God is working for good for the salvation of many.