What to pray in times of calamity

In times of great calamity, the people of God have learned to respond to God in prayer. The bible records those responses for us. At these times, people can either move toward God or away from him. These short messages unpack some of the ways God’s people can move toward him in calamity.

In 2 Chronicles 20, King Jehosaphat faces the combined armies of three huge enemy nations. Israel is too small to fight back. The nation cries out to God in great distress but they don’t get stuck there. Their prayer in response might be surprising but it is a helps us to have a right view of God in calamity.

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When God’s people face calamity they should give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, his steadfast love endures forever. This doesn’t mean their emotions must be out of sync with their distressing situation. God doesn’t expect his people to be happy when situations make them anxious or sad. We need to lament, but must be clear about what what lament is.

What to pray in times of calamity 2

It’s hard to trust God when we are faced with calamity. All sorts of questions cross our minds. Does God care? Can he stop the calamity? When the people of God build their prayers on the promises of God they learn to trust him in every situation.

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Calamity increases anxiety. What should we pray when we are feeling anxious?

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The first recorded words of Jesus in Mark’s gospel call us to respond at all times, every day, in prayer. During calamity, the same words call whole nations to respond to Christ.

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Every nation of the world has leaders and government. What should we pray for the leaders of nations in times of calamity?

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