Thanksgivings and Baptisms

Thanksgivings and Baptisms

Giving thanks to God for every child

Every child is a gift from God and so we always thank God for every child born in our church family and our community. We do this with a service of thanksgiving, where we name each child and ask God to bless their life and give them faith.


Baptism is very different to thanksgiving. Thanksgiving does not require any commitment. Baptism, on the other hand, is a sign of active faith in Christ and membership of his church. Baptism involves making promises and commitments to God. Baptism is special for you and your child, but it is also special for the congregation, as we welcome you into the church family, are are united by God’s love.

When you first come to church, we will set a date for a service of thanksgiving for your child. We also want you to consider baptism on a separate occasion. Every family has different needs and situations, so please contact Rev Neil Robbie (07810 544 265) to talk things through with him.


What is baptism?

Baptism is the visible sign of faith in Jesus Christ. It’s also the way the church welcomes new members. Baptism points to the cleansing away of sin, our being joined to Jesus in his love and death for our sin on the cross. Baptism is the way we show we have started a new life, with the Holy Spirit as our helper and and his people as our family.

We will baptise anyone who has come to trust in Jesus as their personal Saviour and who seeks to follow him as Lord. We also baptise the children of people who already believe in him and are members of our church. Membership is normally shown by taking communion, the meal where we remember Jesus at church.

If you have a child who you would like to baptise, but you are not a member of Holy Trinity, please come along to a service or call the vicar, Neil Robbie (07810 544 265), and he will welcome you and talk about ways you can celebrate and give thanks to God for the birth of your child and how to prepare for baptism.