What is church for?

The idea of going to church pops into the minds of all sorts of people from time to time, but the idea of gathering on a Sunday morning to sing and listen to bible teaching, when you could be doing a million other things, might not be that appealing…unless you know the amazing purpose which God has for his church.

Church is not like going to the cinema, at least it shouldn’t be. Church is a place where relationships grow. There are four directions of growth: up, in, down and out. For an explanation of the ways we grow through church, keep reading.


Holy Trinity Church exists to…

Glorify God

All people are made by God for God’s glory.  We glorify God by looking to him, knowing him, loving him and enjoying him. We therefore aim to grow together in the knowledge and love of God by prayerfully reading and studying all of God’s word together in the light, power and fellowship of His Holy Spirit.

Love, accept, care and pray for one another

Sin divides people and makes it hard for us to live with each other. As believers, however, we are united by God because of his undeserved kindness to us. We therefore aim to love, accept, care and pray for one another, as we repent, not because we are lovable but because Christ first loved us by dying for our sin.

Teach the next generation

The next generation depends on this generation for the direction they need. We therefore aim to teach our children and new believers about Jesus and to model godly love, faith, wisdom and obedience, at home and in school, at church and in the community.

Bless the people of West Bromwich

God has promised that his family will be a blessing to the world. We therefore aim to be God’s blessing to our local community, in West Bromwich and beyond by being good neighbours and multiplying our ministries.

As we hear, believe and joyfully live out the good news and commandments of Jesus Christ together.

True faith and joy come by hearing and believing the good news of Christ. Obedience to him flows out of love for him. We therefore aim to continually hear, believe and joyfully live out the good news and commandments of Jesus Christ together.

For a quick explanation of why Jesus is good news, please visit 321 Gospel.