Thanksgivings, Baptisms and Weddings

Thanksgivings and Baptisms

Giving thanks to God for every child

Every child is a gift from God and so we always thank God for every child born in our church family and our community. We do this with a service of thanksgiving, where we name each child and ask God to bless their life and give them faith.


Baptism is very different to thanksgiving. Thanksgiving does not require any commitment. Baptism, on the other hand, is a sign of active faith in Christ and membership of his church. Baptism involves making promises and commitments to God. Baptism is special for you and your child, but it is also special for the congregation, as we welcome you into the church family, are are united by God’s love.

When you first come to church, we will set a date for a service of thanksgiving for your child. We also want you to consider baptism on a separate occasion. Every family has different needs and situations, so please contact Rev Neil Robbie (07810 544 265) to talk things through with him.


If you would like to marry at Holy Trinity, we will do all we can to make the day special for you.  More than that, we would like your relationship to be the best it can be and will offer you help to do that.  It’s been said that you wouldn’t fly a plane without lessons and being married is much more difficult.  We run tailor made sessions which look at things like: managing expectations. making conflict work for you; communication, commitment and other useful stuff.  We also look at what God says about marriage and relationships in the bible.

Please contact Rev Neil Robbie (07810 544 265) who will guide you through the process.